ECCE2201: Exceptionalities module 8

As a special education teacher, I have multiple students on my caseload year after year that have an OHI (Other Health Impairment) diagnosis .  While most of them are ADD/ADHD students, there are others that have IEP’s (Individualized Education Plan) for other OHI diagnosis’s.  
Your assignment is to research one of the Other Health Impairments listed in the article or discussed in the YouTube video and tell me about it.  You need to type (double-spaced, New Times Roman, 12pt) a one-page document (No less than 4 paragraphs) answering the following:

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Name of Other Health Impairment
Description of Other Health Impairment
Symptoms of Other Health Impairments
Things that can be done for this Other Health Impairment in the classroom, child care center, and/or life

I want you to choose an OHI that you know little to nothing about and research it and write about it.  Learn something new.  Have fun with this assignment. 

Read the attached article/blog on different types of Other Health Impairments.
Watch the YouTube video on Other Health Impairments
Complete the OHI research assignment

Supporting Students with OHI

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