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Reference (1-3.)

I have attached two main papers (one for effective use and other for enhanced use)


  1. How you go from use to effective use is an introductory paper. Please refer to this to identify the attributes of effective use for any Information system. That knowledge can be useful for not only blockchain but any IS that you encounter in your career. In this project your critical analysis should focus on how to make effective use of blockchain for your chosen problem? (performance or med rec or day to day activities of medical). The figure 5 has user, system and task variables.  .
  2. Enhanced use is about innovation and novelty. As bus was referring to enhanced in her questions, I have attached this paper. Here your theoretical lens can be a combination effective use and enhanced use variables. Figure 1 gives the forms and attributes of enhanced use in paper 2.


IF you can analyze your BC use related case studies and theory papers and code them correctly (with content analysis techniques that we discussed yesterday) using the figure 5 in effective use paper or figure 1 in the enhanced use paper or both your theoretical lens for the analysis  you both will be on the right track


Last but not least, if you want to know the current research focus on effective use as the theoretical lens, the affordances paper is a great reference in the medical context.  If you think it is relevant for your RQ, you may consider that one as well.


Reference (4.) Please use this paper to check if Blockchain can be a fit to address the tasks complications associated with patient profiling in hospitals.


He mentioned,

Look through Blockchain smart contracts

Standard pods > use case

“Business process standardisation”

Effective use has 3variables: user, system, task


Question can be: How could it be used to implement by using smart contracts? (And what kind of smart contracts?)

Overall, is Blockchain fit for medical system?


Methodology that I discuss to him would be data-collection, I will go to medical providers and ask for patient’s information form (what information patient needs to fill in when they go to see doctor)


This is my previous paper that I have done


Research problem statement:

It proposes a challenge in data sharing due to the lack of standard formats. The shared data exchanges between medical providers and patients are utilized for multiple purposes, especially in medical activities. According to Katuwal et al. (2018), the regulation enforces common formats and joint materials. In this case, a common standard refers to maintaining the same type of data in the database to avoid inconsistency which might lead to data adulteration. In 2004, Aspden illustrated that the regular format standardization assists care providers in effectively providing patient treatment. However, medical providers are likely to use different admission systems, and the diversity of health records can be overwhelming. For this reason, each provider has various patient records and data systems. It is essential to acknowledge that Blockchain technology requires to improve for better quality in terms of data management.


Research question:

How can we enhance the everyday use of medical data systems through Blockchain technology?

As medical providers are using various methods to get patients’ health records and information in their database, it is currently being stored in different formats. These data exchanges for medical purposes require correct data and a common standard to avoid inconsistency, which may lead to data adulteration. This causes issues when patients transfer from one place to another and causes operational delay for medical procedures due to insufficient data. For example, a test result is part of the patient’s data. Once patients move to another medical provider, there is an improper data format. Due to a different format, the current form cannot be transferred to another care provider. This will result in needing to retake the test. To answer this question, assist the learner in adopting Unified Modelling Language (UML) to develop the standard of data formats. UML is the modelling language that provides the standard way of visualizing the overall data system. Moreover, the outcome of this case can be applied in a real-world scenario in terms of information systems.

This study proposes creating a centralized class diagram with a unique class and name, where all the data can be collected and stored in one place. Any care provider can send this unique format through their system, and other providers can request the data anytime.


My References:

Aspden, P. (2004). Patient safety is achieving a new standard for care. National Academies Press.


Katuwal, G. J., Pandey, S., Hennessey, M., & Lamichhane, B. (2018). Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare: Current landscape & challenges.