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The literature used should go beyond the required readings for this course and be as recent as possible. You may not use newspapers, websites or popular press. **Note: If you do not work directly with clients in your field placement please work with your instructor to devise an alternative assignment. Select a client (a client can be an individual, a group, a family, or a community) and: I. II. III. IV. Identify the nature of your agency and present information pertinent to your client?s current situation (i.e., nature of presenting problem/diagnosis; length of treatment, etc.) Write a brief assessment of your client, utilizing one or more of the following theoretical frameworks: biopsychosocial/spiritual; ego psychology; crisis intervention; empowerment; group or family systems. Make sure to include client?s coping mechanisms and strengths. Identify the theoretical framework you are using, citing appropriate literature. Describe your intervention goal(s) and your rationale for selecting this/these goals. Discuss what specific intervention approaches you used to achieve the goal(s). To what extent have these interventions been successful? Be specific; if possible, provide excerpts from your process recording to illustrate the above. Select one aspect/characteristic of the client, or one intervention or treatment goal and summarize and critique four (4) different relevant theoretical and/or research articles that have been published in a peer reviewed journal within the last five (5) years. For example: engaging an involuntary client, effective clinical case management services; treatment approaches for working with children; working with lesbian/ gay families; helping families with a substance abusing member; termination issues, etc. (Check with your instructor for more specific recommendations).

Writer should communicate with me regarding the case as I will provide basic info that t g Ryan will need to add and adapt and communicate so that there is no discrepancy

Make sure to provide full citations related to these articles. V. What new information did you learn from the above readings and how do you think yo

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