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You are to submit the end-of-course assignment ECA in exactly the same manner as your tutor-marked assignments (TMA), i.e. using Canvas. Submission in any other manner such as hardcopy or any other means will not be accepted. Ensure that you submit your ECA by the deadline. After the 12-hour grace period, 10% of the total ECA mark will be deducted for every
24-hour block or part thereof by which your submission is late. Submissions with more than 50 marks deducted will be awarded 0 marks. You are allowed multiple submissions to Turnitin before the deadline, after which only one submission is allowed, and only if you have not already previously submitted. If you fail to submit your ECA, you will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

You are reminded that electronic transmission is not always immediate. It is possible that network traffic may be particularly heavy on the cut-off date, and connections to the system cannot be guaranteed. Hence, you are advised to submit your work no later than the day before the cut-off date in order to make sure that the submission is accepted and in good time.


This ECA is an individual project that requires you to carry out an analysis of academic discourse and apply your knowledge of accepted practices in writing research articles to your own writing. Detailed instructions are given below.

A. Prepare a discourse analysis of ONE of the following from a discipline of your choice.

i) An academic conference presentation
ii) Two 3MT presentations
iii) Two undergraduate or postgraduate essays
iv) Two main sections of an undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation

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