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Environmental Sustainability and Resource Usage Record

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Areas of RTO & practices reviewed Provide a brief description of the issue in this section.
Use of consumables/ materials/ technology/ equipment

Identify equipment that use energy and determine which equipment uses the most/least energy?

Are switches left on overnight/weekend?

Do staff use the sleep mode/screen saver?

What practices are currently in place to help minimise energy wastage?

Printers are left on overnight. Printer does not have power saving mode.

Handouts are routinely printed on single side only.

Energy usage e.g. water, electricity gas

How is energy used on a daily basis?

What things/tasks use up the most energy?

Are switches left on overnight/weekend?

Are staff using energy sensibly?

What practices are in place to support effective energy use?

Halogen light bulbs used in all areas. Halogen bulbs use at least 25% more electricity than LED bulbs

Hot water taps continually left running for extended periods of time when not in use.

Taps left on for over 3 minutes


Describe workplace waste.

How is it disposed of?

Are staff conscious of waste management practices e.g. recycling, reuse, disposal?

Garbage bags were placed in the recycling bins.

Items that could be recycled are being placed in the general waste bins.

Items that could be reused are being placed in the general waste bin.

Date of inspection or review: 20/08/19 Completed by: Sandesh Itani

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