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This week’s ePortfolio section is about you – what motivates you – what called you to the profession.

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This is personal and not an academic paper – through this, an employer learns a bit about you apart from education, work history, and accomplishments.


Your personal philosophy statement should be a few paragraphs – maybe one for each concept of the metaparadigm of nursing; person or client, environment, health, and nursing.

We want to encourage all of you to copy, print, and save your personal philosophy of nursing. You all put quite an amount of time and reflection into them.

Place them somewhere safe or in plain sight so that you might reflect upon them periodically, especially when the profession of nursing is trying and taking more than it is giving … as it often does.

For many of you on reflection, you are appreciating the perspective of the patient – as your initial training prepared you to be a nurse, the RN-BSN program has provided you an alternative lens from which to see the illness role from the patient’s perspective.

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