European culture

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Symbols consist of words, gestures, pictures, and objects representing a particular meaning. People sharing the culture only understand the meaning (Bondebjerg, 2004).
The research seeks to find out the influence of the historic European culture to the present culture. It will highlight the current culture and matters of art and recreation such as music. The culture of Europe comprise of many overlapping cultures (Bundaberg, 2004). This indicates that now common culture does not exist. European culture passed through a series of events under different groups of people. The Greeks laid the foundations of the modern culture. Romans strengthened it while the Christians established it with the help of the other Europeans. In the fifteenth century, renaissance and reformation reformed and modernized the culture. The European empires that came after reformation globalized the culture. This culture succeeded to influence other cultures of the world through European education and Christianity (Goldstein, & Council of Europe, 2005).
Culture consists of many aspects. By grouping similar aspects together, Scholars came up with five main components of culture. They include communication, cognitive component. material component, behavioral aspects, and religious aspects .communication comprise language. Language forms the most important aspect of culture in all cultures. People of the same culture interact and socialize with each other through the language (Goldstein, & Council of Europe, 2005). A symbol is anything used or shown to pass a particular massage or meaning. They vary with cultures although sometime they cut across many cultures.
Cognitive component forms the second major aspect of culture. It comprises the ideas, knowledge, beliefs, and values of a particular group of people. Knowledge, considered as the storage of information fact and assumptions passes from generation to generation through formal

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