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Thematic Interpretation for James Joyce’s "Araby"-

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the essay purpose to explain and illustrate your understanding of a theme of the primary text. Your assertion of that theme must be stated explicitly in your thesis statement. before you write your thesis statement, then, you must first determine one plausible theme of the story for analysis. Next, determine the literary elements that you think converge to advance that theme. Then, when you craft your thesis statement, explicitly state the theme of the short story, and name the literary elements used in advancing that theme.
Sample Thesis:
Raymond Carver’s "Cathedral" employs a subtle minimalist style and uses a first person narrative voice to develop a primary theme of the work: in learning to understand others, people often come to better understand themselves.

Point of View:
Point of view must be written in 3rd person

critical analysis and supporting textual evidence from the short story itself (the primary source) no secondary sources are needed

General Essay Structure
essay will consist of a introduction with a clear and concise thesis statement, several body paragraphs that support the thesis by incorporating evidence from the text, and a conclusion. The majority of the essay is the body, wherein you must explain thoroughly and precisely how each piece of evidence you pull from the text supports your overall argument.

Suggested Structure of your Thematic Interpretation
Background Information
Author and Story’s Title
Thesis Statement

then Body of the essay (analysis and Interpretation)
your job is to explain your interpretation of the short stores main point, not to write a summary of it. Provide readers with some information about the story along the way so they have a context for the quotations and analysis you put forth.

then Conclusion
provide a bridge to help your readers make the transition back to their lives and offer a sense of closure.
Example: Synthesis, don’t summarize

craft a creative, actively worded suggestion of the essays topic, the title should also name the story and its author. As such, two part titles are effective
Sad regret, Unrecoverable Loss: The price of innocence in Lev Raphael’s "The Tanteh"