Explain any differences between the conditions of the study and the conditions at practice setting. –

Week 2 assignmentAssignment: Evidence-Based Practice Implementation—Anticipating ResultsIt is one thing to read about an evidence-based practice and understand its potential value; it is another to actually implement that practice. This jump from understanding to application requires critical and systematic thinking on the part of the social worker. When treating clients, social workers must ensure that the evidence-based practice is appropriate for the client and the problem—and that the client supports its use. To earn that support, the social worker should present the client and stakeholders with a plan for implementation and evidence of the EBP’s efficacy and suitability.Many may attempt to apply an evidence-based practice that seems to be strongly supported by research, only to become frustrated or confused when their efforts do not yield the same positive results as the research. This discrepancy can occur because they have failed to recognize the differences between conditions in their practice environment and the conditions of the study—or differences in the demographic and cultural characteristics of the client groups. Moreover, they may have failed to consider and adequately plan for issues that could arise during implementation.In this Assignment, you return to your chosen client from the Week 1 Assignment and carefully consider the factors and steps involved in applying an EBP with that client in your practice.To Prepare• Select one evidence-based practice that you researched for your client for the Week 1 Assignment and return to the peer-reviewed research article demonstrating the effectiveness of this practice. (I will provide the resources that I provide you on last week. You are welcome to add more that will help with the paper)• Note any similarities or differences between the conditions in which the evidence-based practice was implemented in the study and the conditions in which you would implement it at your practice setting.• Consider the steps you would take to implement the EBP and factors that would support or limit these steps.Questions to answer below for the paper Submit a 3-page paper that analyzes the implementation of the evidence-based practice for a practice setting: ( Family and Children counseling I base it on the client from last week and what you wrote)• 1.Provide a brief description of your practice setting (two sentences).• 2. Explain any differences between the conditions of the study and the conditions at practice setting.• 3.Explain the potential impact these differences could have on successful implementation.• 4. Describe the steps that would be required to implement the evidence-based practice in practice setting, including:o Any factors that would support each step and how you would leverage themo Any factors that would limit or hinder each step and how you would mitigate them• 6. Draw conclusions about:o The anticipated results of the implementation in your practice settingo Whether your results will be similar or different from the research results in the articleYou can used as many resources you would like for this paper. thanks

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