Explorations Journal

you’re going to do 2 news article under written material:I have read at least 2 articles  from sources listed as most reliable for news in the Media Bias Chart.

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use the link in the document to bring you  most reliable for news in the Media Bias Chart.

once you picked the articles you’re going to write a detailed decent length summary of the article, along with that take notes down as you read keep those notes.

I  have attached an example of what it should look like. 

Each week throughout the semester (except as indicated in the course schedule) you are required to dedicate time to reading, watching, or listening to media content related to the overarching theme of digital democracies. These materials are in addition to the required Perusall readings (listed on the course schedule below). The materials will include an assortment of news articles, documentary films, podcasts, etc.
Note that there are specific types of materials you are required to engage in during each part of the course. A separate checklist of requirements called Explorations Requirements Downloads Explorations Requirements is available on Canvas under Files. You will keep track of the materials you choose on Canvas through your weekly Explorations Journal (technically a Canvas discussion). At mid-term, and then again at the end of the semester, youll complete and sign the materials checklist, and upload it along with your other journal entries.
You should plan to spend approximately 60 minutes per week watching, viewing, or reading the Explorations material (while taking notes), and about 20 minutes more writing a summary response and posting your update to Canvas. I expect to see evidence of your note-taking, which can be either a copy of a Word document where you have typed your notes or a photograph/scan of hand-written notes if you prefer.

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