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Question 1

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For this question, you will incorporate the Mathematical Learning Experience/Activity that you did for the TMA.  The focus of this question is on planning mathematical experiences and then considering different age groups.

a) Briefly describe the Learning Experience plan and any modifications you have made to the original plan based on the feedback for the TMA. Clearly specify your primary learning goal in your description. Give reasons for the modifications. If you have not made any modifications, state so and the reason for it.

b) How would you create this teaching plan differently for a different age group? Be specific in your description about what modifications you would make. For example, if your Learning Experience Plan was for 4-year-olds, how would you revise it for 2.5-year-olds? Be specific about each modification.

c) Discuss and analyze how each modification made in (b) will be developmentally appropriate for the new age group. It is suggested that you make a direct comparison of the child development stages between the two age groups in your analysis for each modification made.

d) Discuss one or two features of the learning experience plan for the new age group that makes it constructivist in nature. Bear in mind the feedback in the TMA on your analysis of how constructivist your original plan was.

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