Fashion Journalism

Assignment 1:(it is a 200 word fashion jounalism assignment this assignment is based on the last one.I have attached the last one which can let you know how to write it
For this topic, please post:
1. Name and job title of the person you are interviewing.
2A. Your look opener or theme for your mini-issue of Elle in no more than two sentences.2B. In no more than two sentences, the angle of your Q&A. What is the story about? It can’t just be X, dress designer, or Y store owner, there needs to be an angle (Please read my second post in module 9.2 to understand what a Q&A is. Some people don’t know.)3. Your questions (if you have already conducted your interview you, use this as an opportunity to think about which questions worked or didn’t–what you have great answers to or not.( I’d say that for most of you, you should ask between 6 – 9 questions. If you ask more than eleven, you’re going to end up with a lot of tape AND an interview that you’re not sure what the direction is. It is key, to put together a suncinct list of questions that really conform with your angle, with the specific slice of story you want to tell.
Research your subject first–so that you can narrow down the questions you want to ask and so that you come informed. Then come up with a basic list of questions. For a big interview, I always try to a few days ahead of time. Then, I’ll sleep on them and whittle them down to their most essentially, informative, compelling and reveling.)
Sample answer:
1. LaRissa Kaye Holley, Clothing/Accessory Designer, RizzyKaye Designs
2A. Fairytale: A trend that delves into something more mythical, other-worldly, and enchanting. Merging storybook into high fashion.
2B. What LaRissa designs isn’t so popular in her area or in her local fashion scene at large. I wanted to be able to see how she’s still thriving as a business and who her customer base was and how she’s trying to revolutionize her area with her aesthetic.
3. Questions:
What is your aesthetic as an artist/designer? Does your business aesthetic differ from personal?
Where does the passion for your work come from?
Who or What inspires your designs?
When showcasing new products/designs, who makes up your team? (Photographers, Models, Model Agencies, Stylists?)
In your location, does the local fashion scene help elevate your motivation?
Who is your customer base?
Do you participate/feature your designs in local fashion shows, photoshoots?
What is the biggest reward in operating your own business?
What does the future look like for RizzyKaye Designs?
I already conducted my interview and LaRissa was extremely open, comfortable and extremely productive. She gave great, in-depth answers as well as informed me about her style, aesthetic, and designs.
4. I am open to all feedback.
Assignment 2:
need to write a lede for your upcoming Q&A as well as the last part of your final—the 300-word story on a new idea, trend or fashion world personality.
Q: What is a lede?
A: At its most basic a “lede” is the first paragraph (or the slang word we use is “graff”) of a print or online story.  A lede is ALWAYS a lede, whether it’s for a news story, a feature story, a business story—anytime you encounter a first paragraph in journalism, it’s a lede. Unless, of course, it’s a one “graff” story, in which case the first sentence will perform the same function.
Q: What is the function of a lede?
A: The purpose of a lede is to immediately grab a reader’s attention and set up the story.
1.Post one ledes that you think is a good model for you to use for your Q&A story.
-Post the name of the publication, date of pub, headline, writer and lede.
DO NOT POST LEDES that I’ve posted previously in this class. Don’t just post the first lede you find. Try and find a lede to a Q&A or at least a profile.
Sample Answers:
Lede from Elle Australia
Head: ELLE Interview: Misha Collection Designer Michelle Aznavorian
“We ask the Aussie designer about the trends to look out for.”
Date of pub: Aug 16, 2016
Writer: not specified
“Her sexy designs have been worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, and she made waves when she brought out Bella Hadid to walk in Misha Collection’s show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Not bad for a label that’s not even three years old! We caught up with Misha Collection designer Michelle Aznavorian to discuss what inspires her pieces and which trends we should look out for.”
LEDE – “we caught up with Misha Collection designer Michelle Aznavorian to discuss what inspires her pieces and which trends we should look out for.”

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