Federal Skilled Worker

Yohan is a permanent resident of Canada. He obtained his permanent residence by beingselected as a Federal Skilled Worker. In March 2017, he travelled to Cancun, Mexico for aresort vacation. On the first night he was there, he met Lupe, a young Mexican woman whoworked as a bartender at El Chiringuito, one of the bars at the resort. Yohan and Lupe hit itoff immediately. They were inseparable the entire week that he was in Mexico. Lupe tookhim around “the real” Cancun outside of the resort district and introduced him to herfamily and friends.
At the end of Yohan’s vacation, the couple decided that what they had was more than a fling and formally committed to being in a relationship. Although they knew that a long distance relationship would be hard, they were madly in love and believed that their relationship had a future. They talked daily via WhatsApp, and Yohan returned to Mexico several more times to visit Lupe. Unfortunately, Lupe never travelled to Canada to visit Yohan because she could not get time off between her school and work responsibilities. Lupe works part time at the resort and is studying full time at the Technological University of Cancun to become a radiology technician.
In March 2018, one year after they met, Yohan marked their 1-year anniversary with a marriage proposal. Lupe accepted and the couple got married on August 18, 2018 in a beautiful beach ceremony. At the time, Lupe still had 2 more years of university left to complete her degree. She is expecting to graduate in June 2020.

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