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Below is the relevant excerpt from the AHPRA email:

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Thank you for providing all required information in relation to the conditions on your registration.

We have reviewed this information, and it has been determined that Section G (see attached) is too brief, does not include activities/duties you have undertaken to achieve EN Standards for practice (see attached), or what resources you accessed or referred to while practising.

The Board expects Section G to be detailed and outline foundational nursing skills and knowledge as opposed to just listing individual tasks. We suggest you consider how broader aspects of care will be considered to meet the relevant standards for practice and how the relevant internal policies and procedures would also assist to provide a more comprehensive understanding of safe nursing practice.

You are encouraged to sit with your supervisor to complete this, and you may find referring to the attached EN Standards for practice and job description will assist.

You are required to submit a more detailed Section G by 26 August 2022.

I have not included “the attached EN Standards” to which this email refers as they are also given, in identical fashion, in the NMBA—Template—Attachment-of-supervised-practice-plan—Standards-for-practice-template—enrolled-nurse-template, the template for section G, which I have attached.


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