Framework for Marketing Management

the book is called A Framework for Marketing Management (6th edition), 2016. by Phillip Kotler and Kevin Lane KellerChapter 9 discusses the product life cycleGeneral Mills is the company!

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Read Chapter 9 of the textbook.
Using the company you selected in Workshop One, respond to the following in your weekly marketing analysis paper:
The company is general mills
Select a product or service from the company’s product offering. Explain how you recognize its stage in the product life cycle (PLC). How do you recognize when a product may be transitioning to another stage? Why is this important?
What new product or service would you suggest for this company based on the above product’s position in the PLC? Why?
Choose a product line of the company. What is the product attributes that are dimensions for positioning on a positioning matrix? For example, price and quality. Identify three pairs of product attributes and fully explain your rationale for these attributes.
Download the Positioning Matrices PowerPoint file. Using the three pairs of product attributes you identified in the previous step, chart the product-line of the company and one of its competitors on three positioning matrices. Create one matrix for each pair of attributes.
Based on your positioning matrices, which product strategy do you suggest to reposition the product?
Use clear, insightful, detailed critical thinking in your responses.
Paper Requirements:
Length: five – six pages plus three positioning matrices.
Research requirements: 10 research sources. Sources must be credible and from the last five years.
Your paper should use proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting.
If appropriate, these sources can be used in subsequent Weekly Marketing Analysis Papers. Hint: Look ahead at the topics for this series of papers. When you conduct your research for this paper; you will likely identify possible research sources for future papers.
When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the worksh