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Game Design Documentation

Prison Break





















Submitted by: Akash                                                                  Submitted to: Elle Chan

Student ID: 30347884

Date: 02 Sept, 2018


Table of Contents:                                                                                                pages

  1. Game Overview………………………………………………………………….3-4
  • High Concept Statement
  • Game Genre
  • Highlights and Hooks
  1. Story and/or Setting……………………………………………………………..5-6
  • Interest curves
  • Game world and/or setting
  • World dimensions
  1. Characters…………………………………………………………………………7
  2. Mechanics…………………………………………………………………………8-9
  • Space
  • Time
  • Objects
  • Actions
  • Rules
  • Skill
  • Chance
  1. Scope of Prototype…………………………………………………………………9














Game Overview:


High Concept Statement:

Prison Break is an action, Simulation, Strategy and essentially a stealth game with hand-to-hand combat portions. This is a single player game. The player will control Daniel Smith. Also player can play the character of Security guard. Most of the game the protagonist of the game is trying to escape from the prison and go outside. For being successful in his mission the character has to staying unnoticed at all times from the security guards, janitors, or hostile inmates. If the protagonist is spotted by security guards, then the player has to kill them. If the guards or inmates kill the protagonist, then he or she has to start the same sequence again from the previous checkpoint where the game is saved. In this game the player can choose three different characters to play with.

Game Genre:

The Primary Genre of the game is identified as is Action. However, there will be many subgenres within the game such as Strategy, fighting as well as simulation and little bit adventure.


The main inspiration for my game is from other games is “Prison Escape”. This game is based on the events of the first season of fox’s convict drama “Prison Break”. Prison Escape is probably the best game I have played because the more you play it, the story of the game become more interesting. It is a fantasy game. This game will make you feel that it is not the character who is escaping from the prison but it is the player who is playing the game. The thought put into the game is simply amazing as they took the concept of real world. In this game the environment of the prison is look like as it is in real world.


The Other games which influence on me are Mafia II and Alpha Protocol. Mafia II is an Action-Adventure game. In this game I really much like the story of this game. This game revolves around the Vito Scaletta, a war veteran who becomes caught up with the Mafia when trying to pay back his father’s Debt. The graphics of the game is so good. The way they use to make link between the different sequence in extra ordinary. And I also want to do something like that in my game.


Picture: Mafia II

And the other game which inspired me is the Alpha Protocol. The Objects used in this game is so perfect. And It is Open world game, player can go anywhere in the game. Also player can play with different characters. I also want to implement something like this in my game.


Picture: Alpha Protocol


Highlights and Hooks:

The main hook in the game is the backstory of the characters. I think most of the people are attract towards the backstory of the characters. Because it is based on the things which is common in today’s world. Players will mostly find it real. Also the gameplay is so good and it will definitely lure the players towards itself. And the other thing is the sense of progress and accomplishment for players when they complete a level. Each level is linked to other level. The most attractive thing is that the difficulty is increased by increased in level of the game. It will give a sense of competitiveness to players. That’s why player lure more towards this game.



Story Summary:

The game starts with the protagonist in a prison with his hostiles. He is telling them about his past how some drug dealers trap him by giving some lust of money to him. And later make him also a drug dealer. Earlier the protagonist used to live with his family peacefully. But after trapping by bad peoples, he leaves his family’s home and started selling drugs. But later he is caught by police and they send him to prison, where he is now. Here the game is starting. In this game the protagonist wants to break the prison and want to go outside of the prison and live his life in peacefully manner. If any police guards see him, then the protagonist have to fight with the police guards or escape for save himself from the police guards.


The interesting curves in this game is the event when protagonist have to choose the right path to go outside the prison safely without make anyone know about his presence. There are many puzzles in the game, the protagonist has to solve the puzzles to pass a level. That is the interesting curve in my game. And finally when the protagonist breaks the prison he lives his life peacefully. The story can be compared to that of the Hero’s struggle to break the prison, but follows a trend many modern and some old memories have followed when telling a story of an established character.



Game world and/or Setting:

In game world, the prison is far away from the forest. The prison is in the middle of forest where is very small amount of people are visible. There are many puzzles in the prison. Only some of the paths are lead to outside of the prison. Most of the paths are closed. Also the user can change the settings of the game according to their interest. So that the player can make it enjoyable for himself. There are five missions is the game. The difficulty of the game will be increased with the increase in the level of the game. The security will increase in the game. Also each level contains some tasks. The player has to complete that tasks to pass the level. Moreover, the most interesting thing about the game is the sounds of the game. There is sound for each and every actions performed by the character. Which make it more attractive.



Game Dimension:

The purposed game is to be developed in three-dimension world having both real and imaginary elements. Because, it gives the player a much greater sense of being inside a space (prison, trees or whatever) than 2D spaces ever can. Also the scale of each and every objects in the game is going to be perfect. Such as size of the cells, size of the character and every object present in the game. Moreover, the position of the camera is perfect, it is not on that much high and not that much low. The angle of the camera is perfect.




The Prison break game has three main characters in it. The first one is the protagonist of the game, Daniel Smith. The second one is the hostile of the protagonist, Richard Parker. And the last one is the head of security guard, Duff McWhalen.

Daniel SmithProtagonist:

Daniel smith is the protagonist of the game. Earlier he used to be very Innocent and loyal to his family and friends. But later he is trapped by some Drug dealers. And they make him also Drug dealer. One day he is caught by police and the police sent him to the prison for lifetime. And now when he is in the prison, he realized that he did something wrong. He wants to live his life back in peaceful manner. So his friends in the prison advised him to break the prison and go outside. In this game character of Daniel Smith is very clever and he can make the guards fool very easily. His function is to break the prison and go outside. He is in the game from the beginning. He is the hero of the game.

Richard Parker – Antagonist:

Richard Parker is the antagonist of the game. He is the hostile of the protagonist. He is the friend of the Daniel. He is very helping in nature. He has a charge of murder on his head. But he didn’t do that murder. He was also trapped by someone. Daniel and the Richard are good friends. They both make a plan to escape from the prison. But his main aim is to took Daniel to outside of the prison safely. In this game the character of the Richard parker is so good. He has all qualities of good friend. He always helps his friend in all situations. His function is to help Daniel to escape from the prison. He is in the game from medium level. He is the mentor in this game.



Duff McWhalen – Boss Enemy:

Duff Mcwhalen is the boss enemy of the game. He is the head of the security guards. He has many achievements in his life as a security head. No one is escape from his prison in his career. He is very strict police officer. He always makes discipline in his prison. He never allows anyone to break his rules. Also he is good from heart. But he is very rude with the prisoners, who don’t do what he says. So it will be the biggest obstacle in Daniel’s way to escape from the prison. He is so clever. He is always one step ahead from the prisoners who want to escape or do any bad activities in the prison. His main function in this game is to make discipline in prison and stop Daniel to escape from the prison. He is in the game in last level.


(model of Boss Enemy)



Prison break is a 3D game which allowing movement on X, Y and Z (climbing/level within room) axis. It is constrained by a particular space. There are boundaries on all sides. The prison is in the middle of the forest. The space grid is of 256*256.


The temporal dimensions of the game are setup in such a way that a player has to complete the particular task in particular time. Such as the player has to cross a room in given time if he doesn’t do this than he will be seen by the guards and killed at the spot. And the game will again start from the checkpoint.


  1. Camera:

It is a first player game. That’s why the camera would be placed at the top so that the game can be enjoyed at first person view angle. In this angle all the things are visible. Such as ground and any other thing is ground.


  1. Sound:

In this game. There are so many intense music to add up the intensity. For every actions there are different sounds. For example: if the character punch someone then there would be some punching sounds. Similarly, for any other actions there would be any other sounds.



  1. Basic Actions:

Player can move in every direction Such as forward and backward. Also the player can jump and can cross a small wall. Moreover, player can couch on the ground.


  1. Strategic Actions:

The player can hide behind the walls and see if someone is in his way. Also player can make strategy to kill the guards. Moreover, the player can roll on the ground if someone is beating the character.


There are many rules in the game. Such as:

  1. The game will be played by keyboard with small involvement of the mouse.
  2. If the player is dead in middle of any level than the game will be start from previous checkpoint.
  3. The game can’t be left in the middle of any level.
  4. If anyone see the player in last second level than the game will be start from the last checkpoint.
  5. Player has to save his game in every checkpoint.


Strategic and mind skills is very essential to play this game. The essentiality of the skills will be increase with the increase in level of the game. Such as in the third level, the essentiality of the skills is higher than the first level.



In the boss level there is uncertainty, if the player will kill the boss enemy or not. For killing the boss enemy, the player has to become more strategic. But still it is uncertain if the player will kill him or not. These uncertainties will be scripted by using probabilities.



It is not possible to develop full game in few days. But there is a scope of the prototype for my game. In the prototype I will develop a small part of this game that will cover main levels with one or two sub-levels. Only few characters will be used to develop a prototype for completing the assignment 2.

The gameplay of the game will be so interesting but simple. I will try to include most of the features of the game. In the gameplay I will focus more on the characters of the game to make it more interesting.

Talking about the mechanism of the game players will be able to choose the character. And they can choose the path whatever the player wants.








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