Highway Patrol

Q 18 – Suppose that I have a sample of 25 women and they spend an average of $100 a week dining out, with a standard deviation of $20. The standard error of the mean for this sample is $4. Create a 95% confidence interval for the mean and wrap words around your results.
Q21- I have an assumption that women drive faster than men, on average. To see if I am correct, I solicited the help of the Highway Patrol one day. I sat with an officer and we used a radar gun to measure the speeds of 16 randomly selected male drivers and 16 randomly selected female drivers on the same stretch of Interstate 880. We found that our sample of male drivers had an average speed of 68 mph with a standard deviation of 15. Our sample of female drivers had an average speed of 71 MPH with a standard deviation of 10.

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State the null and alternative hypotheses (3 pts)
Chose an alpha level. (1 pt) What exactly does this alpha level mean? (2 pts)
Decide whether you are doing a 1-tailed or 2-tailed test (explain why) (2 pts)
State your degrees of freedom. (2 pts)
Find and report your critical value for t. (2 pts)
Compute your observed t-value. (6 pts)
Wrap words around your results. Is this a statistically significant difference? (3 pts)
Calculate an effect size (d). (4 pts)