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3. Wright urges today’s employers to consider hot-desking as a way to organize workers who return to the office. What does this strategy involve? Quote and cite the highlighted passage from paragraph 4, using the parenthetical citation style.
Businesses must also listen to their staff about where they feel most productive and take steps to accommodate them. Each worker is different, and some employees may long to retum to the office. If so, organizations can consider hot desking — multiple workers using a single physical workstation during different time penods — while ensunng sanitation and safety protocols are strictly followed Otherwise, they’ll need to increase office space to allow for physical distancing and to ensure employees’ health and safety.
Write your answer in the empty box below. Remember that you canselect a portion of this passage to best fit the purpose and construction of your sentence.
4. In the end, what general approach can businesses use to ensure success in the midst of a pandemic? Quote and cite a relevant passage from paragraph 6, seen below, using the narrative citation style.
These types of efforts are likely to bold positive morale and improve office culture. which can also play a key role in attracting talent. In the new normal, companies that become adaptable are more likely to become those that thnve.
Remember that you can quote a select portion of any sentence from tho sourco text to best fit the purpose and construction of your own sentence.

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