HR policies at the St Georges Hotel

Analyze (700 to 1000 words) the current state of the HR policies at the St Georges Hotel. How will the St Georges hotel resolve the current issues while supporting the strategic mission of quality to guests and employees?
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 Quality is more important than quantity, however, so strive to develop a concise, insightful analysis. Here are a few important points to keep in mind as you develop your analysis.

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The quality of your writing is important. Graduate students are expected to write well. There is no excuse for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Use spell checkers, grammar checkers and all other resources at your disposal to proofread and edit your work carefully before submitting it.
Read the case several times, make notes all over it, and then outline your paper before beginning to actually write. Your outline should include an introduction of the case, followed by the problem identification and analysis, followed by proposal of alternative courses of action/solutions. You should wrap up the analysis with a summary of your findings and a conclusion. Please feel free to send me your outline for feedback.
Do more than just retell the case. You can summarize the story line in your introductory paragraphs, but then get down to analyzing, which means breaking down the story into its key elementsmain events, changes in personnel, critical turning points, shifts in the business environment, impactful decisions, conflicts, organizational performance trends, etc. Identify the most important problems, try to explain them in terms of Strategic HR concepts, and propose alternative courses of action or potential solutions. Identify lessons learned.
Do not make assertions without supporting them. Your analysis of the case should flow from theory and research in organizational behavior and leadership. A top of the head analysis will not earn a high grade. A solid analysis will be framed in terms of Strategic HR concepts. A paper that includes few or no citations and a scant bibliography is a sure sign that not enough supporting research has been done.
Follow APA format.
Upload your finished case analysis, using MS Word, to Canvas. Your work will be checked by Turn-It-In, to assess its originality. It is ok to incorporate the ideas of other writers into your work, but you must credit your sources. When in doubt, include the in-text citation. Plagiarism is a serious breach of ethics that will not be tolerated in the MBA program. The Academic Integrity policy in the Berkeley College Student Handbook will be strictly enforced in this course.

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