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Assessment 1: Essay – Discussion: Human and Social Capital
Marking Criteria
1. Demonstrated responsible, ethical and professional particil Mon during the interactions within online learning environments 2. Logical and coherent development of arguments as to why p ofessional capital is important in educational organisations 3. Demonstrated understanding of the importance of a collaborai c culture in educational organisations supported by empirical research 1. Clear and detailed explanation of leadership strategies for deve, collaborative team culture 5. Written expression is clear: spelling. grammar and referencing is ,11,1: and inclusion of literan•e is relevant/appropriate.
A rubric is available on the Nloodlc site
2000 word, online forum,
Assessment Due
Type of Collaboration
28 Au2 2,122 t sundav to ‘,,,s1011 Week- 5) Final –Amu,. times I

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