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Your task is to write one short essay addressing one of the two questions listed below. In your essay, you need to present an argument using the subject literature and show how this argument can apply to the organization you work in. In your answer use academic sources and professional sources.

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Q1. Choose one of the following trends: development of technology, labor market diversity, or changing forms of work and employment, and discuss how they influence human resource management. Use the organization you work in as an example.

Q2. Having knowledge about the strategic role of HRM find one area of managing people at work in the organization you work in (or worked in) that needs improvement. It could be planning and recruitment, selection, training and development, performance management, reward management, employee engagement, employee voice, workforce adjustment, or the role of HR in providing sustainable development goals. Using the subject literature and available information on the company present an argument for why this area needs improvement.

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