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With the development of the market economy, private enterprises have gradually grown into an important part of the national economy. Under the new normal of the economy, they are not only facing rare development opportunities but also ushering in huge market shocks: global market competition is intensified and profit margins Constantly compressing, consumers have higher requirements for product quality and service standards, all of which require private enterprises to come up with more wisdom to solve the problem of short enterprise life cycles.

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Private enterprises have a small economic scale, a weak ability to withstand pressure, and a short life cycle of the enterprise. This is closely related to the market link and economic cycle where the enterprise is located, as well as the enterprise’s own institutional system, including the human resource management model. . Therefore, this article takes Alibaba, an excellent company, as a typical case, conducts an in-depth analysis of the innovation of its human resource management model, and discusses the new direction of private enterprise human resource management development through the summary of successful experience.

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