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The idea of play acting puting on a person to imitate another person on stage for others to see is itself a disguise. The twin mask of comedy and tragedy are symbolic of the theatre. William Shakespeere’s thirty 7 plays all contain elements of both tragedy and comedy. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeere created situations of tragedy and comedy. Begining with a shipwreck and the main character Viola disguising herself as a boy. Olivia hid behind a deep mourning, and Feste, the local clown, will hide his true wit and inteligence in his foolish dress. The three charcters, Viola, Oliva, and Feste, wear disguises to hide and protect themselves from the outside world. Feste is keen, observant, and inteligetn and his job requires that he dress in brightly colored clothes to show that he was a clow, but in Act 1 scene 5, he tells Olivia “i wear not motley in my brain” (Twelfth Night)

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