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IFN551 Computer Systems Fundamentals Assignment B
Weighting: 40%
Due Friday 2nd September 2022 by 11:59pm Individual submission via QUT Blackboard only

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The Little Monkey Computer (LMC) is a cartoonised Assembly language. The concept involves a Monkey working within an enclosed workroom who is to perform instructions set by the programmer. The Monkey has various tools in its workroom to assist, for example: a calculator, a counter and some storage boxes.

LMC is an excellent learning aid to assist you in understanding how a von Neumann -based computer system operates at a fundamental level. Understanding this will assist you in becoming better engineers and software developers. See the lectures and tutorials for more information about the architecture and instructions of LMC.

In this assignment, you are required to demonstrate your ability to interpret and solve a novel problem by using LMC.

To begin, you are required to design an algorithm to solve the problem presented to you. For this, you will write pseudocode and draw a flowchart diagram to articulate your design. Further, you will write a test plan that will help you verify that your program behaves as you expect. For this, consider behaviours such as: what will happen if the user enters an unexpectedly large value, what will happen when the user enters zero, etc.

After designing your algorithm and test plan, you are required to implement the algorithm using the Little Monkey Computer.

There are two (2) questions in this assessment item, of which, the first is separated into sub-questions. See the subsequent pages for these questions. Answer all questions. Marks per question and a marking scheme is specified for each.

Academic integrity is taken very seriously at QUT. Ensure that the work you submit is your own and that you provide sufficient evidence of how you came to your final solution. If we have queries about your solution, you must be prepared to answer these when requested otherwise a grade of zero will be awarded.

You must adhere to the QUT Manual of Policies and Procedures, and agree to the terms below. You can access the QUT MOPP by searching MOPP in the HiQ website.

In submitting this work I confirm that:

– This work represents my individual effort and does not contain plagiarised material.
– I am aware of the University rule that a student must maintain academic integrity as stated and explained in the QUT MOPP Section C/5.3 Academic Integrity.
– I am aware that my assignment may be stored in a reference database, becoming part of the bank of material that assignments will be checked against in the future.