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Qualification Code CRS1400588
Qualification Title Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management (BTHEM)
Business Unit/Work Group THCA


Subject Code THECAP701
Subject Title Capstone: Industry Project
Assessment Name Assessment 1 – Industry Project Plan (Group)
Assessor Name Sarah Hancox


Student Name
Student SIS ID
Kristov Zuther Tan / 001093569
Shehan Lakshan Anurudda / 001150466
Duc Ahn Tuan Nguyen / 001099305
Word Count (if applicable) 1258 words

Capstone Industry
Group 2 1

Student Signature
Date 20 May 2022

Capstone Industry
Group 2 2
Executive Summary
This proposal aims to analyse the business activity and assess the food menu of the Threefold Distilling Glenelg. The analysis shows the
opportunity to determine the food menu to select what type of food would be a good combination with gin and added value for the business.
The Threefold Distilling is located at Glenelg East and opened on 6th April. Threefold Distilling offers different kinds of homemade gin, such as
summer harvest raspberry gin, aromatic gin, Australian lemoncello, Mediterranean gin and many more (Threefold 2022). Threefold distilling
offer and other non-gin drinks (beer or wine). There are not many options for food as their main product is gin. In addition, they offered gin
tasting on site and guided masterclasses which can be interesting to know how to make gin and many more. Before they opened the testing site,
they had already become wholesalers to deliver and supply for pubs, restaurants, and bottle shops. In addition, they have been joining some of
the events in South Australia, such as the Adelaide Cup and conferences, to promote their business and get more customers. In this project,
there will be three approaches to collecting data and information to ensure the information’s efficiency, credibility, and cohesive narrative
including through visiting the Threefold Distilling Glenelg, website, and informal interview. In Addition, there are five phases to achieve the
succeed of this project. Phases 1 is set up, phases 2 is plan project, phases 3 is implementation, phases 4 is monitor and report the project,
phases 5 is review progress. Another thing in this project, there is task allocation for individual to work on this project and each individual has
different tasks. As part of successful this project, there is evaluation plan as a guideline and see the progress of this project. Lastly, there will be
a time plan and risk management for this project.

Capstone Industry
Group 2 3
With a three-part venue, Threefold Distilling is bringing a new distillery to Glenelg’s east. A distillery room where gin is created, a tasting
bar for 50 people, and a main bar for over 100 people is included in the newly remodelled space. The Threefold tasting bar will provide a menu
of cocktails, local beer, wine, and spirits, as well as limited and unseen gin releases, while the main bar will feature a menu of cocktails, local
beer, wine, and spirits alongside with a food menu. This project proposal is doing 3 of us including the suggestions and the work process that
needs to be done in time frame to maximise the customer experience while giving ideas to increase the profits of threefold distilling company.
The objective of this project is to negotiate and prepare a project plan to evaluate an issue, problem or requirement within the management
process of the Threefold Distilling Glenelg. This project will also design an evaluate tool as part of the project plan.
Threefold Distilling’s newly opened tasting room is a focused reflection of what their products stand for and what they aspire to achieve
via their collective hospitality experience. Each member of the Threefold staff has over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry, so
anyone can count on excellent service, warm hospitality, and a well-considered cocktail list as part of the Threefold experience. With the sea
breeze and Glenelg esplanade only minutes away, their new facility offers excellent quality service and a casual atmosphere
This project is designed as an inductive approach with a qualitative approach. There will be some observation and visiting of the threefold
distilling to find more information about the business. In addition, there will be an informal interview with the owner, Daisy and independent

Capstone Industry
Group 2 4
variables that come with the subjects. Therefore, in this project, there will be three approaches to collecting data and information to ensure the
information’s efficiency, credibility, and cohesive narrative.
1. Visiting the Threefold Distilling Glenelg
Kristov and Ken will be visiting the threefold distilling Glenelg on Thursday, 12
th April at 4pm. The purpose of this visit is to explore, look
around the business, looking what kind of products they are offering, the production, and customers.
2. Informal interview
As it mentioned before, there will an informal interview with the owner Daisy which can be helpful to get more information that is not
on the website such as the market, another product, staff, history of the business and etc. Some of the questions are:
1. Why gin? Not a café or coffee shop?
2. Is there any upcoming food that the threefold distilling would offer? If there is, what type of food and what is that?
3. Who is your market? Are you also attracting international tourist?
1. What is your best-selling dish and least selling dish?
2. Do you pair food dishes in the menu with Gin types you serve?
3. What kind of Marketing tools you use and have you ever tried a different target market?

Capstone Industry
Group 2 5
1. How long for processing one gin in normal. Is that a big affect if any problem occur while processing that gin?
2. Have you ever think about changing from gin to vodka?
3. If you change to vodka can you still keep all the same ingredients or have to be changed? If changed, how you think it will affect
your business. Good or not good?
3. Website
Looking on the website, there are a lot of information about the product that they are offering, location, opening hours, and history of
the business.
All the budget need to be monitored by General Maganer or Financial Leader. By hiring new staff, we need to hire new Head Chef with
relevant experience in Pizza menu or maybe Italian or Modern Australian cuisine. In addition, we might hire another casual person for doing all
rounder such as helping prep, doing dishing. The budget for Head Chef will be around $70-85k depend on how they manage kitchen cost and
experience background. Casual staff will based on restaurant casual hospitality award rate. When everything in right track we can keep move on
hire more chefs or kitchen hand. Next, we keep doing same marketing campaign like we used to do but add more information about new menu
tasting and food discount for people come in group. The budget for marketing will be around $3-5k per month depend on how busy or any
festival or event for that month.
Measurement and Reporting:

Capstone Industry
Group 2 6
A project needs to have a management process to disciplines of planning, executing, and completing the project (Darwish 2007). By
having the management process, the project would be able to be assessed in every stage to achieve its goal in the decided timeline. Therefore,
there are five phases to achieve the succeed of this project.
Phases 1: Set up
o Identify the business
o Determine the type of food that would be suitable for the distilling
o Selecting team members which are Shehan, Kristov and Ken
Phases 2: Plan project
– The contents that need to be covered
– Allocated task to team members
– Make a plan to visit the Threefold Distilling Glenelg
– Discuss the progress and catchup with teammates 3 times a week
Phases 3: Implementation
– Meeting with stakeholders or owners of Threefold Distilling Glenelg
– Collect all the information and data
– Meeting with team members to discuss

Capstone Industry
Group 2 7
Phases 4: Monitor and report the project
– Monitoring and editing all the contents if necessary
– Present the information about the project
– Follow up the work progress
Phases 5: Review progress
– Evaluate the overall project
– Feedback from stakeholders
– Writing the final report with team members and shutting down the operations.
Task Allocation
We are from group 2 and we are making project proposal for the Threefold Distilling Glenelg to assess the food menu. From group 2 we have
Kristov, Shehan, and Ken. We have task allocation individually:
Kristov: Researching about their target market and why Gin is their main products. Opportunity to visit Threefold distilling Glenelg with Ken
and Sarah, look around the business, and the process of making Gin.
Shehan: Finding information about the competitors and find out what needs to be ahead of the competitors, look for other areas that the
business can be expanded. Look of other innovative suggestions to keep the business up to the date in the future in a sustainable way.
Ken: Researching more about food menu. Suggest the business with some light food or can be a meal (pizza, etc…) go together with the Gin. In
addition, food might be lightly flavoured as the Owner want to keep the original taste of the Gin. Find out some equipment that need for the

Capstone Industry
Group 2 8
menu. Find out Head Chef with relevant knowledge. Try to maximise the capacity of the equipment and labour skills. Opportunity to visit
Threefold Distilling Glenelg with Kristov and Sarah.
Evaluation Plan:
As part of a successful project, our team will create an evaluation tool or plan to see the progress of this project from planning, research,

Evaluation Plan
Title Industry Project Plan of the Threefold Distilling Glenelg
Stakeholder Team member: Kristov, Shehan, and Ken
Project Leader: Sarah Hancox
Owner: Aiden (CO-Founder of the Threefold Distilling Glenelg)
Project description Identify and negotiate a project for an organisation operating within the tourism, hospitality or events
(THE) related industries. With this project, the Distilling Glenelg would be the business that we are going
to identify and negotiate a project and determine the food type that would be suitable for them.
Information required Information about the business and their products, target market, upcoming products, type of
menu/food menu
Methodology Approach through website, Informal interview, and visiting the Threefold Distilling Glenelg
Schedule 10 weeks starts from 5th May to 30th June 2022.

Capstone Industry
Group 2 9
Time Plan: refer to appendix 1
This project proposal is being completed by three of us and includes proposals and work processes that must be completed
within a specific time frame to maximise the client experience while also providing ideas to raise the profitability of the threefold
distilling firm. The goal of this project is to negotiate and produce a project plan to examine an issue, problem, or requirement in the
Threefold Distilling Glenelg management process. As a result, there will be three techniques to gathering data and information in this
project to assure the information’s efficiency, credibility, and narrative coherence. As part of the project plan, this project will also
create an evaluation instrument.
Darwish, M 2017, ‘Introduction to Project Management’,
Ahram Canadian University, pp. 1-11, viewed 13 May 2022,
The Threefold Distilling Glenelg 2022, Home, viewed 10 May 2022,
Capstone Industry
Group 2 10
Appendices 1

Capstone Industry
Group 2 11

Work Schedule
Project proposal plan
(preparing question, information and other resources)
2 weeks
Period Time
(10 weeks)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Visiting the Threefold Distilling and final preparation
proposal project
1 weeks
Designing, collecting and analysing data and information 1 weeks
Further research content for project 1 weeks
Writing project proposal 2 weeks
Finalising and filter all resources 1 weeks
Presentation and report 1 weeks
Evaluation and reviewing the project 1 weeks

Capstone Industry
Group 2 12
Time plan above shows the period of this project from start to end. The project will take 10 weeks and there will be eight tasks to do
during this period of time. The first task is project proposal plan will take two weeks including preparing questions, collecting data and
information. Second task is visiting the threefold distilling Glenelg and final preparation for proposal project which will take one week. Third task
is designing, collecting, and analysing data and information which will take one weeks. Fourth task is further research content for project which
will take one weeks. Fifth task is writing project proposal, collect all the information from doing the research, and put in one paper which will
take two weeks. Sixth task is finalising and filter all resources which will take one week. Seventh task is going to be a presentation and report of
the project which will take one week. Last task is evaluation and reviewing the overall project which will take one week.