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Cont. and instructions Assessment 3 — Complete critical analysis and evaluation of iournal article Topic: Students are requir. to conduct a complete analysis a. evaluation of one of the two journal articles selected in Assessment 2. Students are required to crftically appraise the selected article according to the following headings in an essay format. Please note that the sections within the sub-headings are guidelines only and are not intended to he answered in a question answer format.
1. INTRODUCTION (5 marks) The paper should be introduc. with appropiate referencing and a discussion on the reason why you chose (fie article should he included. For Exampl: In this paper the artick entitled 7be therapeutic use of Drug’,” by Smith et al., 2012 will he critically appraised. This article investigates__
EVALUATION OF THE INTRODUCTION SECTION (6 marks) 2.1 Literature review (3 marks), consider: O whether the authors’ kerature search was adequate in terrns of number, quality and relevance of rehrences 2.2 Aims or hypotheses (3 marks), consider: O the question asked O whether the question was clearly stated O whether the question was focused in terms of the population, intervention and outcome 3. EVALUATION OF THEMETIODS SECTION (21 marks) 3.1 Subjects (5 marks), mnsider: the participants whether the participants were representative °Me population under stud, how the participants were selected for inclusion in the study whether the sample was adequately described whether the sample size was appropriate and an adequate representative of the target population whether the sampling mode was appropriate whether bias was evident in the selection of Me participants whether participant consent was obtained

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