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Prepare the second part of an individual report based on the organization of your choice, which focuses on the practical application of communication tools, and, develop a relevant marketing communications plan based on your findings from your communications analysis undertaken in Assignment 1.

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Assessment Criteria

  • Undertake a critical review of your chosen organization’s current approach to integrated communications received by a range of stakeholders, identifying the relevant components.
  • Present critical insights of the components of the marketing communications mix and brand management and design and evaluate an integrated marketing communications mix.
  • Identify appropriate techniques and resources to build cross-functional relationships and critically evaluate communications’ role in delivering value to a range of stakeholders.
  • Harvard referencing principles are applied throughout the submission in the correct manner.  Authentic and academic sources have been utilized to support each section of the work Omitting references correctly reduces work to a descriptive level only and is not satisfactory for post-graduate submissions.

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