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2. What steps does Wright argue employers must take? To answer this question, quote and cite a select portion of this highlighted passage from paragraph 4.
BusinesseS must a. listen to their staff about where they feel most Prod… and take steps to accommodate them. Each worker is different. and some employees may long to retum to the offi.. If so, organizations can consider hot desking – multlPie workers using a single physical workstation during different time periods – while ensuring sanitation and safe, protocols are strictly followed. Othenvise, they’ll need to increa. office space to allow for physical distancing arid to ensure employees’ heatth and safe,
Write your answer in the empty box below, using the “split citation” style. Use the following template as a guide: Athhor’s last name (citation) signal / integrating phrase ‘quotation- (citation). Remember that you do not need to quote the entire highlighted passage. In fact, you should aim to quote a select portion of the highlighted passage to better fit the purpose and construction of your sentence. This will likely require you to add more of your own writing to the “signal/integrating phrase” section of the sentence. Or, you rnight find it necessary to include your own words after the quotation in order to produce a sentence that answers the question effectively.
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