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Interim Progress Report 3

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Title: Exploration of the use of Edtech for learning and teaching by UK universities

In the previous month of research project completion, various activities were performed by me and my team members within a given time period. The completed activities according to the presented Gantt chart were company background, creating questions for meeting with client, discussing scope of the project with client, performing secondary research, discussing the project update with team members and formulating methodology. In the last month of project completion, a meeting was conducted to divide the rest of the tasks to team members considering different challenges faced by team members in completing the assigned activities. Firstly, all the tasks were discussed to identify the team member’s perception towards a particular task; therefore, I was assigned to conduct the primary research and prepare a presentation. The project team manager also decided to conduct weekly meetings so that issues and progress could be checked.

In order to initiate the primary research, I addressed the created research methodology for identifying the participants of surveys and interviews in context with the selected research topic. Stakeholders of higher education institutions, skills councils, Edtech institutions, business and industry were the participants of survey and interview. I along with my team members conducted a survey by sending a questionnaire link via email to all the participants and face to face interviews were conducted with stakeholders. The responses of interview participants were recorded for making transcripts which were further used by another team member performing analysis of primary research. This task was completed easily and I collected all the responses which were handed to other team members working on the data analysis part during the second week meeting. The information collected in this activity helped in understanding the requirements and perceptions of individuals regarding the use of Edtech in teaching and learning process by the UK universities.

After this, I helped my team members in analyzing the survey and interview results so that the project could be completed before the deadline. For analysis different graphs were created so as to increase the visualization of the project report and help the readers to understand the statistical information easily and quickly. Further, I started preparing the project presentation for which I needed all the information collected in the past two months whereas I collected the information from the project team manager to do so. While creating the presentation, I faced difficulty in arranging the collected data in an appropriate manner; therefore, I asked for help from the project supervisor. Under his guidance, I was able to successfully prepare the project presentation before the project submission deadline which elaborates in- depth information regarding the benefits of Edtech and stakeholder’s perception towards using it in UK universities for teaching and learning. Overall, this research study helped me in gaining various skills including problem solving, technical skills, interpersonal skills and most importantly research skills. With these skills and knowledge obtained after the completion of this research project, I would be able to conduct a similar type of research study in an efficient manner in the near future.