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Revamping an existing website

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Ugly Cake Shop

Topic  1:  You work as a  digital strategy consultant and have been asked to come up with a recommendation to revamp the existing website of Ugly Cake Shop and improved its online presence.

Your recommendation should be based on the current state of its website and the analysis of the message and call to action effectiveness. You need to elaborate on how the company can use New and Social Media tools to its advantage.

Format for your written proposal: 

Come up with a high-level design document of at least 1800 words (+/- 10%) that specifies all, more than, or some of the following:

1. Overview of the company and current online presence
2. Target audience
3. Identification of current strategy
4. Identification of key message and call to action
5. Recommendations for strategy change or enhancement for website
6. Recommendations for New and Social Media engagement
7. Suggested campaign plan
8. Sample production schedule
9. Conclusion
10. Concept art/screenshot if any or applicable

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