Interprofessional Communication

The student will explore articles from peer reviewed journals that focus on interprofessional education. The student is asked to read three articles, one form their chosen professions journal and 2 others from the Journal of Interprofessional Education.  The articles chosen should discuss how interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional practice (IPP) have been incorporated into healthcare to improve best practice and outcomes.  The goal is to reinforce the importance of IPE/IPP in healthcare and the students chosen field of study.
Directions: List the three articles you have read.  Please use APA format.
 Summarize the journal article that you have chosen in 800 to 1000 words. 
Consider the following in your summary: 
1. Purpose of the article or study. 
2. Why is IPE/IPP important? 
3. Outcomes/results of the study. 
4. What do the results mean to you, and how this will impact you now and in the future. 

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