Introduction to Disaster Risk and Resilience – Global Homework Experts

Question 1 

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  1. a) Explain compounding disasters and how they can be accounted for in typical disaster classification typologies. Appraise how response measures to the food security problem and the Covid-19 pandemic conflicted and proved inadequate to deal with the changing nature of the situation created by the compounding disasters.

b) Identify the resulting progression of vulnerability in affected communities as the effects of the twin challenges became increasingly interdependent.

c) Examine typical risk management and response policies and practices that were in place in (COUNTRY) before the “twin challenges” (Rasul, 2021). Illustrate the gaps in risk management and response policies and measures that affected how the compounding disasters were managed.

d) Explain your proposed strategies for improved disaster risk reduction and resilience that could account for compounding disasters.


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