investigate at least six sources related to the current state of these major wor

investigate at least six sources related to the current state of these major world issuesWrite a well-structured that examines the major factors that are driving this issue. Consider the impact on globalization and the free trade policies that have shaped the world over the past sixty years. Consider the role that “nationalism” is playing and will continue to play.In addition, discuss the impact of this issue on Canada’s economy and its relationship with its partnersAn understanding of course material and concepts to date is to be demonstrated within your paper.Create a title page, insert page numbers and create a professional document.Proper APA 6th Edition referencing is essential. Be absolutely certain to include a properly formatted list of references and accurate in-text citations.Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow of thought, clarity of ideas and creativityYour paper  should be between 1200 and 1400 words, plus title page and bibliography,  12 size font, 1.5 line spacing and normal marginsDescribe with understanding the issue and the major factors driving it.Minimum of 6 sources utilizedConnection to course learning outcomesTie into Globalization and free trade and how nationalism/populism is changing this world orderCanadian economic and trade impactsChoose 1 of the 6 topics below:Current Canadian border crisis (blockade/protests) impactsOngoing China and USA trade conflict – resolution?Crisis in Ukraine – Russia, NATO – pending invasion – impactsWorld migration issues and international trade – US and Mexico, Africa and Southern Europe …Climate Change action and international tradeWorld supply chain issues and international trade
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