Kinross Gold Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility (Kinross Gold Corporation)
The topic is Corporate Social Responsibility in this case is the Kinross Gold Corporation
Overview: You will critically evaluate Kinross Gold Corporation CSR report. Within the report
you should identify a specific initiative that relates to international development. Provide a
summary of the CSR initiative and the context in which it was undertaken. You should then
complete a critical analysis of the CSR initiative. Discuss the success or failure of the initiative.
Identify ways the project could be improved or how the company could better help the local
people/economy. This skill is required in assessing, formulating and implementing
development/sustainability policy at state, corporate or civil society organizations.
References: Anytime you refer to ideas that are not your own, you MUST refer to the source
both in-text and in the reference page at the end of your essay. Use APA referencing style when
you write up your paper. Ensure that your paper contains a page for references. Refer to or for
more information about proper citation.

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The assignment is a formal paper on a real-world, development project plan by the chosen company.
Provide details and critical analysis on this development project.
A mastery of course material and concepts to date, to be demonstrated within your paper.
Create a title page, insert page numbers and create a professional document.
Proper APA 6th Edition referencing is essential. Be absolutely certain to include a properly formatted list of references and accurate in-text citations.
 Minimum five different sources.
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow of thought, clarity of ideas and creativity
Your report should be between four to five pages, plus title page and reference page, 12 size font, 1.5 line spacing and normal margins.

The components of your assignment should include:
1.Title page with Student Name and Student Number
2.Properly formatted body of report with paragraphs structured appropriately (Headers can
include: Company Overview, Project Description, Critical Analysis (success or failure),
Suggestions for Improvement, Summary)
3.Reference page (please make this a separate page)