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The questions below were designed to encourage you to synthesize what you have learned throughout the course and to articulate it in written form. Your answers should demonstrate your knowledge of the readings and lectures from the entire course. In order to answer the questions adequately, you will have to review relevant readings and lecture notes and summarize this material, as well as, provide anecdotal examples for discussion. Be sure to answer the questions completely and thoroughly!

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  1. What is media literacy? What are its basic tenets? Discuss each. Provide at least three examples of ways that you can apply the teachings of media literacy to your media consumption habits.

2.Choose one of the mediums that we have discussed at length in the course, i.e. newspapers, books, television, film, video games, music, or radio. Now, discuss some of the important issues that the medium faces today as you see it. This could include things like the three kinds of convergence, fragmentation, audience erosion, globalization, the influence of advertising, or any other concept we have discussed in the course.

3.We discussed in class (and Chapter14 in the text outlines) various theories and perspectives of media research. Choose two of these theories or perspectives and discuss them. Be sure to describe how the theories or perspectives were first developed, note any strengths and weaknesses as you see them, and discuss how the theories and perspectives are relevant to the mass media landscape today (if you feel it is not, then explain why you feel that way).


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