Lahmeyer International

Write 3 page essay on the topic Fraud is Multifaceted.
The dishonest practices among American business executives are pervasive (Lane & Simpson in Lane & DiStefano, 1988) and rampant in the developing countries because of their capitalistic behavior (Magnis-Suseno, 2000) and in America as well because Americans can be bought and so easily sold (Choate, 1990).
Among these executives, “your competitors use bribes and unless you are willing to meet this standard of competitive practice, you will lose business” (Lane & Simpson in Lane & DiStefano, 1988, 236). On page 237 they stated, “Bribery increases a product’s costs and often is used to secure import licenses for products that no longer can be sold in the developed world. Such corrupting practices also contribute to the moral disintegration of individuals and eventually the societies” (Ibid).
Unfortunately, from the outside looking in, the blame is on government but too often, people see the beam on their brothers’ eyes more while the block in their eyes they cannot remove. Or like the rotten egg, the smell would eventually emerge. They are pointing at government officials of the developing countries or they are being claimed as the corrupt and pay off society (Lane & Simpson in Lane and DiStefano, 1988).
Lahmeyer International consulting group was suspended by the World Bank for bribing the Nigeria minister who was taken to court on a charge of fraud. While the minister was charged by the state as fraud, in the early 1990s, more than 100 Americans ex-federal employees including politicians and Congressmen were also charged with fraud and bribery of the US government.

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