Language Barriers

Chippies Proposal
Executive Summary
          The Chippie is a new company that specializes in traditional bar/pub food with a sports theme setting. It has been very successful for many years in the United States, and the owners would like to tap the European market and establish its business in the United Kingdom. The Chippie is capable of providing its customers with all the UK style atmosphere that its customers primarily want. The company is driven in delivering to its customer’s authentic dining and pub experience so that customers repeatedly come because of hisher experience. Customer focus is the central philosophy at The Chippie. Presently, it has been observed in the research that in the UK the market is primarily focused on pub environments with a sports theme setting and are most customers are also beer enthusiast. This causes The Chippie to let beer severe as a passion for the organization.  On the request of our customers, we live screen any sport, championship, any league of sports like rugby, racing, etc. This company or restaurant provides the best services to its customers. So, I want to tell you that The Chippie is capable of fulfilling all the needs of its customers (Taylor, 2001).
          The initial analysis of growth opportunities of The Chippie is done through the SWOT analysis.
Strength: Services to the customer are superior, with customers communication is excellent, and the team is highly educated.
Weakness: Lack of essential skills in employees, Resources for staff is limited, and employees are unfriendly.
Opportunities: A fresh product line started, Aim at different demographic and develop an environment of the team.
Threat: On new policies pushback employees and with fewer prices new competitors (DEVI, 2016).
Country of Choice
          For the establishment of The Chippie, we choose the United Kingdom because The Chippie will specialize in traditional UK style and we think the United Kingdom is the best or suitable place for opening our new business.
Modes of Entry
         Into global market modes of entry are the channels which an organization hires to get admission to a new market internationally (Rui Fernandes, 2014).
          Licensing comprises contract manufacturing, franchising, and Turnkey contracts.
International Distributors and Agents
          To enter into the international market agent are the first step because of an agent either an individual or an organization that contract with businesses in the market on behalf of our company. So agents or distributors are essential for entry.
Strategic Alliances
          It is a term that defines an entire series of diverse relationships among companies that internationally advertise. At times the connections are in the middle of contenders.
Joint Ventures
          When a new company is starting with parties have possession of a percentage of the new trade, this is known as a joint venture. And there are various reasons for the set-up of a joint venture in the international market.
Subsidiary Internationally
          An organization also start or entry into the market globally through open a subsidiary of its own business in the international market.
Internationalization Stages
           Consequently having well-thought-out into global markets the primary modes of entry, we accomplish through allowing for the Internationalization Stages.
The Internet
           These days the internet is the best mode of entry into the international market. Because on the internet we advertised or marketed our business very quickly. The Chippie also promoted and started its business by manufacturing herbal beer and announced in the market.
            Exporting also another mode of entry in the international market because if for a business it is difficult to set up business internationally then for entry it is good to have first started the business through exporting across various nations. Export can be done directly or indirectly.
Cultural Differences
          Notwithstanding the tremendous change in living conditions, usually likewise invested considerable effort and time is acclimating to contrasts between the business cultures in the U.K. what’s more, here in the U.S (Routamaa & Hautala, 2008). They are not difficult to overcome, obviously, yet they surely keep things interesting.
Work Habits
           American employees to be more devoted and faithful to their boss than employees in the U.K. British employees will in general put in fewer work hours (OECD information backs this observation, setting regular hours worked every year in the U.K. at 1,681 and in the U.S. at 1,780). Americans additionally appear to have lunch at their work area as often as possible, though in the U.K. we take an hour for lunch in addition to different breaks for the day.
Language Barriers
           Even though the two nations communicate in English, there can be varieties in terminology and phrasing that can prompt false impressions. For instance, when individuals state “let’s do lunch!” As a British citizen, take that honestly. It can get confusing! Networking and building associations before influence the move over the lake to can enable people to change following this before completely submerged in the American business condition (Vasalou, Joinson, & Courvoisier, 2010).
Manner of Speaking
           Piggybacking on terminology contrasts, local British citizens are more immediate, especially with regards to business dealings. This can be a problem as bluntness can appear to be rude when it’s not planned that way; however it features the significance of being quite confident in what anticipate from employees and colleagues – and motivating them to be explicit and open also.

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