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You are required to reflect on your own leadership qualities using diagnostic tools. These will measure three specific areas of leadership and provide an indication of potential strengths and weaknesses. Alongside these, you will reflect on what you learned about the person you chose as an effective leader in Assessment 2.

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Based on your self-discovery from the diagnostic tools and your leadership reflections, you will then consider how to improve your own leadership qualities. You will capture your ideas in the form of a draft leadership development plan.

You will then incorporate industry feedback on that draft plan from a chosen leader, before revising the draft into your final submission.

This is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) assessment task, the purpose of which is for you to build on the knowledge and skills gained from Assessment 2 and apply them in a practical situation through a real workplace context and engage with feedback from the industry.

Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • diagnose leadership strengths, weaknesses, and skills as a result of self-assessment
  • create a leadership development plan based on self-assessment
  • describe how to incorporate the feedback into the plan
  • identify plan evaluation approach/es and describe how the plan can make an impact on your future life and career
  • acknowledge sources of information.

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