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Student Name   Language of assessment AR EN College ID:   Pearson ID:   Unit Number and Title 1 Law, Policy and Ethical Practice in Health and Social Care Academic Year 2021-2022-level 1 Unit Tutor Hiba Al-maliti Internal Verifier Name and Approval (Signature) Khaled Daamseh Approval Date:     Assignment number and Title 1 Experience with law, policy, and ethical behavior in Jordan hospital Issue Date (1StSubmission) 25/7/2022 Submission Date (1st Submission) 3/9/2022 Issue Date (2nd Submission) 13/9/2022 Completion Date(2ndSubmission) 15/9/2022 Submission Format The submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in an A4 format. Using Times new romanfont style, 12 font size.

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You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate.

You are encouraged to use images, graphics, charts and other material to support your work. Any material that is derived from other sources must be suitably referenced using a standard form of citation. Provide a bibliography using a standard academic referencing system.

The recommended word limit is up to 2,000 words. For each task. While you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit, you must keep in mind that being clear and concise are key features of professional documents.

You are required to make an electronic presentation (about 10slides), you should present it to the audience in 10 minutes, you are encouraged to use images, videos, and others to illustrate your presentation.

Unit Learning Outcomes LO1 Explore the legal framework within which health and social care practitioners operate LO2 Describe key legislation, national and organizational policy of fundamental importance to the health, care or support service practitioner LO3 Interpret the law in relation to key ethical and professional Practice Themes in health and social care LO4 Apply law and policy in line with regulatory and ethical requirements in a relevant practice setting Transferable skills and competencies developed • Dynamic and Imaginative Thinking:

– Participates in brainstorming sessions with fresh and resourceful ideas.

-Finds international solutions to specific issues by connecting seemingly unconnected ideas, events, and circumstances.

– Recognizes potential for generating ideas while adhering to best practices.

– Recognizes potential for generating ideas while adhering to best practices. Creates one-of-a-kind, practical, and valuable solutions to complex challenges.


• calligraphy:

• Writing: – Selects the most efficient and meaningful techniques of conveying ideas and information. To arrange and show detailed or complex information, uses bullet points, tables, and other tools.

– Arranges material in such a way that facts or ideas build on each other to lead the reader to a definite conclusion.


• Unique and Productive Thinking:

– Perceives old issues in new and comes up with new methods to solve them.

– Participates in strategy meetings with fresh and resourceful ideas.

– Finds global solutions to specific issues by connecting seemingly unconnected ideas, events, and circumstances.

– Recognizes potential for creativity while adhering to best practices. Creates one-of-a-kind but practical and beneficial solutions to complex situations.


communication and decision Formulation & Conviction:

– Demonstrates reasonable understanding, blending knowledge, insight, insight, and perspective while deciding or creating outputs.

– Before making a decision and proceeding, weighs the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative.

Vocational scenario: Jordan has an advanced healthcare system, Jordan is considered a good medical tourism destination for the patient from many countries, health service is concentrated in Amman hospitals, and there are many specialized hospitals as Jordan Hospital has many unique medical specialties, for this reason, many conflicts have been raising and reaching the surface of all the medical professionals working in the hospital including caregivers, nurses, physicians and support service practice, uniqueness and importance of their role in this aspect.

According to that and more, a humongous burden is carried by nurses nowadays, especially freshly graduated ones. And as you are a future nurse, our hopes are held in your hands.

You are a freshly graduated nurse who has recently been hired at Jordan hospital, as a first-stage nurse working in the emergency department,

During your work in an emergency department in Jordan hospital, there was a traffic accident happened near the hospital, Two man, one women, and 2child have been admitted to the emergency room as emergency cases.

Recently Jordan hospital expanded and need to attract new employee, Your manager has requested you to perform a report to explain to these new employees the value of knowing how the institutions of the national government affect the job of healthcare professionals…Your report will include the following:
1-Discuss the legal context, key legislation, and national and organizational policy that are critical to the health, care, or support service practitioner, and the legal framework within which healthcare practioner works.

2- Explain and apply the law and policy in light of important professional and ethical practice themes in accordance with the legal and ethical standards in a suitable practice environment.


 Assignment activity and guidance Task1

As a new graduate nurse working at Jordan Hospital and to be a competent healthcare practitioner, it is important to have adequate knowledge about legal context, key legislation, and national and organizational policy that are critical to the health, care, or support service practitioner, and the legal framework within which healthcare practitioner works.

So, you have to examine the connection between ethics and the law in light of how it relates to your own professional obligations as a health or social care practitioner and asses that relationship and how that affects organizational strategy and practice in order to uphold the rights of and ensure the wellness of those who utilize the health, care, and support services in Jordan,throughresuming the main characteristic of various levels of law and policies, also you need to perform PowerPoint presentation, Key elements of the legislation, statutory guidelines, codes of conduct, and national and organizational policy should be specified in the presentation, each of them must be well shown with accurate examples from a variety of healthcare settings. The new employees should better comprehend this through your presentation by using more concrete examples, You will give an oral presentation to a group of people, including your tutor. Your presentation should include an electronic presentation. Notes pages that provide the necessary detail and represent the content of your overall presentation should be included with the electronic presentation.

Adding to that you have to express the connection between ethics and legislation in relation to your work as a health care practioner in Jordan hospital.

Followed by listing a differentiation between (national and organizational policies) against (national professional standards) in accordance to professional standards in terms of their effect on health and social care practice in not less than two aspects.

Alongside with outlining the link between at least two key international legislations and national Jordanian policies in accordance to practice of health care.

by casting back on how specific issue and duty (you have to choose specific duty in your work in hospital) in health care or support service practice meet nationalprofessional standards within a statutory framework.



Task 2:

as a worker in health and social care, you need to explain the law with respect to major ethical and professional Practice Themes, and it’s important to apply law and policies parallel to the ethical obligation in a suitable practice environment, accordingly you have to do the following:


afterward, specify in detail how certain low, policy, and ethical considerations (you should choose at least two low, policy and ethical considerations) might give different results for the care of victims of a car accident, to achieve this you have to outline the relevance and correlation between laws, policy and ethical requirements in relation with the accident victims, and interpret the effect of these laws and policy on the outcome of healthcare of the accident victims.



Recommended Resources

Please note that the resources listed are examples for you to use as a starting point in your research – the list is not definitive.


Text books:

1-    AVERY, G. (2016) Law and Ethics in Nursing and Healthcare: An Introduction (2ndEd.) London: Sage Publications Ltd.


2-    HERRING, J. (2016) Medical Law and Ethics (6thEd.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.







6-    Official website of the European Commission

7-    Provides information on EU health and social care legislation and policy

(General Reference)

1-    European Federation of Nurses Associations

Represent the nursing profession and its interests to the European Institutions, including influencing the development of health and social EU policy with regards to all areas which affect the nursing profession


(General Reference and Guidance)

1-    UK regulator for Health and Social Care Professionals
Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders an informal partnership of professional healthcare regulators from within Europe working collaboratively on a range of regulatory issues.


2- government website on legislation, often with explanatory notes.


3-    Nursing and Midwifery Council
UK regulator for nurses and midwives The Code of Practice