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Kleaning Kathy is a maid service with twenty employees that caters to office parties with 20 to 50 people each. To keep up with the growing business owner Kathleen Jones wants to install a new information system for managing the ordering and buying process. Kleaning Kathy has a set of 15 standard cleaning styles. When potential customers call, the receptionist describes the prices to them. If the customer decides to book a cleaning order, the receptionist records the customer information (name, address, phone number, etc.) and the information about the home (e.g., place, date, time, standard prices, their quantities and total price) on a contract. The customer is then faxed a copy of the contract. Sometimes, the customer accepts the price; other times, the customer requests some changes, which have to go back to the owner for a new cost estimate. The customer must sign and return the contract along with a deposit (often by a credit card or check) before the party order is officially booked. The remaining money is collected when the food is delivered. Each week, the owner looks through the party orders scheduled for the week and orders supplies (e.g., windex) and items (e.g., kleenex) needed to take them. The owner would like to use the system for marketing as well. The system should help track how customers learned about Kleaning Kathy and identify repeat customers so that Kleaning Kathy can mail special offers to them. The owner also wants to track the orders on which Kleaning Kathy sent a contract or actually booked the picnic order. Given the above information, please do the following:

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Identify the main entities (min 10 entities excluding any associative entities). You should use them in steps 2 and 3.

Based on the business description identify all the relationships between entities and write relevant business rules that explain each relationship (As all relationships are bidirectional, make sure to articulate business rules both ways for each link in the final fully attributed data model). Make suitable assumptions for any missing details.

Create fully attributed data model (Entity Relationship Diagram) based on Crow’s foot notation in MS Visio. You should also provide correct cardinality at both ends of each relationship i.e., (0,M / 1,M / 0,1 / 1,1) using Crow’s foot notation. For any non-specific (M:N) relationships identified between e