Management Concepts

Management Concepts Paper
(100 Points)
Chosen TOPIC: Macy’s INC
To understand management concepts and functions (P-O-L-C) are the most
critical to effective management of organization.
Identify the management concepts and functions. In addition to the identification
of critical variables, discuss these variables and their importance to effective
management of organization. Thoroughly explain your opinions and cite as
much outside reference support (i.e., peer-reviewed, scholarly journal
articles) as you can find to substantiate your discussion. Using empirical
research in particular will help strengthen your discussion.
(Note: Do not copy the information present on the web. Emphasis is to
understand the framework for understanding the factors that influence how
organizations evolve, function, and perform).
Paper Content
Section 1: Company Overview (Max. 1 Page, double space)
Organization specifics- what is the name, nature, size of the company, and
What is the current status of the company in the industry? (Review website.
Briefly discuss the company’s competitive landscape. (Should be able to get
information from the web sites cited above).
Section 2: Identification and Discussion of Management concepts using
P-O-L-C framework. (Max 5 Pages, double space)
Using a Management Concepts lens, the students should identify and discuss
following management concepts and functions applicable to the selected

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 Management environment and landscape
 Organizational Culture

Organization Structure (Identify your company’s organization structure;
describe how organization use this structure, is it used in combinatory of
other; discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the structure used).

 Organization design
 Employee engagement and motivation
 Performance Management