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Customer satisfaction is an important issue for every organization. It includes the goals and surveys of customer satisfaction. It is becoming an important factor in the modern market and the organization faces issues with respect to awareness, quality, loyalty, and other important assets. Customer satisfaction is highly satisfied and is highly dependent on the company’s rules and policies.

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They also deal the customers with high quality and provide a range of exceptional quality goods and products. There is also full availability of the product in terms of the store and this locates around the country. It also increases sales and directly maintains the relationship. This way, it creates a pleasant place for the customers to shop, and also it builds with new technology to highly satisfy the customers. Thus, it consistently creates desirable results. (Cengiz, 2010)

It is apparent that most of the previous research such as LIU YI FANG was done on researching the relationship between the marketing mix and customer satisfaction of 7- eleven by doing only in Thailand. Over the years, customer satisfaction is an important issue for every organization. Therefore, the researcher chooses to research the relationship between marketing strategies and customer satisfaction of 7-eleven by researching by region

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