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The purpose of this assessment task is to gather and manage information to provide a firm/organization with a clearer understanding of its competitive market, in order to facilitate optimal strategic marketing decision-making.

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Each student is to write about TESLA operating in the SINGAPORE market and conduct four competitive-market analyses in relation to that firm/organization

These four competitive market analyses include:

1. The changing (macro) marketing environment;
2. Customer analysis;
3. Competitor analysis; and
4. organizational analysis – to understand the organizational resource base.

Application of theory (10%) Four competitive market analyses are to be completed for the TESLA in Singapore. For the work to satisfactorily apply theory it must demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and frameworks outlined in the four chapters that deal
with the four analyses (Chapters 3-6).

Students must briefly discuss the purpose of each market analysis (Why it is done) and then apply them appropriately to their chosen organization. For example, in conducting a Competitor Analysis, students must demonstrate familiarity with the organization’s main competitors. Chapter 5 describes what this “familiarity” entails. The different sections in Chapter 5

Clearly, there is much information to communicate within each of the four analyses, which you have gained from researching the chosen organization and the competitive market conditions within which it operates. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing chapter sections that have the most relevance to your chosen organization.

Depth of analysis (10%) In order for work to achieve the depth of analysis students first need to select appropriate concepts/frameworks* which help to examine the organization This should be followed by careful scrutiny of the organization’s competitive market situation. Careful choice of organizational information sources is critical to this step. Students should consult a range of contemporary sources. All reference sources should be recent.

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