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HRMT20026 – Assessment 2 Marking Criteria

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Main Criteria: KNOWLEDGE

A thorough knowledge and critical analysis of the HRM topics/ strategies expressed in a coherent format. Appropriateness of responses to the task requirements (20%)

Detailed Criteria:

The essay identifies, integrates and justifies the relevant strategic HRM theories, models and arguments to analyse the questions asked in the case study.

The essay also include a comparison/justification of proposing strategic HRM theories pertinent to the context of the case study.

The essay describes and justifies the strategic HRM models, theories that have been chosen to answer the case questions, and presents these in a logical manner with a clear beginning, discussion and conclusion.

Main Criteria: RESEARCH

Persuades the reader that the point of views developed in the answers is well supported by ideas and information drawn from academic literature and reflection. (20%)

Detailed Criteria:

The essay demonstrates critical analysis of theories and models, as well as a justification of decisions using a wide variety of sources and the author’s own reflections to address the topics and put forward the arguments.

The essay should develop logical arguments supported by evidence.

The essay should draw conclusions from arguments in a scholarly manner

Main Criteria: APPLICATION

Overall application of relevant theories, models and concepts to address the topics. An in-depth knowledge, application of the linkages to different approaches to Strategic HRM. (20%)

Detailed Criteria:

The essay should show in depth, excellent knowledge on strategic HRM models, theories and apply those in the context of the case study.

The essay should portray highly accurate knowledge and fully comprehensive understanding of the linkages among different aspects of strategic HRM and apply those while addressing the case study.


Demonstrates an understanding, application of HR challenges, issues and practices associated with various directional strategies. (20%)

Detailed Criteria:

The essay clearly demonstrates understanding of the HR challenges involved, and applies relevant theoretical concepts related to strategic HR in relation to managing HR issues in the case study organisation.

Student utilises academic references to support their arguments

Main Criteria: REFERENCING

Demonstration of additional research beyond the course material and textbook including use of recent and relevant peer reviewed academic journal articles, academic references (minimum of 8 references). (10%)

Detailed Criteria:

The essay clearly engages with strategic HRM literature

The essay demonstrates a sound knowledge of strategic HRM and aspects of strategic HRM through application of the relevant literature

The essay introduces, discusses, and integrates at least 8 recent, relevant peer reviewed academic journal articles, or other academic references (books, book chapters etc.).


Presentation, including referencing, formatting, layout and grammar. (10%)

Detailed Criteria:

Student presents a structured and logical discussion of the analysis within an essay structure

Clarity of expression, spelling and grammar


All in-text referencing is correct

APA referencing style

Reference List is alphabetical and uses APA referencing style

Length approximately 1500 words for the body of essay (not including Title page, References or Appendices)

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