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Assessment 2: Essay
Weighting: 40%
Mark allocation: 40 marks
Word count: 1400 words (+/-10%)
Due date: Monday September 12th, 2022, at 23:59 hours AWST
Submission details: via Canvas
Essay task:
Choose ONE of the following issues, which have been shown to impact mental health and wellbeing:
the Covid-19 pandemic
the use of social media and
the current increased cost of living
Based on your selection above, discuss the following:
1. Why this issue is affecting the mental health and wellbeing of individuals in Australia.
(approx. 360 words)
2. The biopsychosocial impacts of the contemporary issue on individuals diagnosed with
mental illness. (approx. 360 words)
3. Some resources available to help support people experiencing mental health issues
(approx. 360 words)
All areas of your discussion must be supported with quality evidence-based research.
Use the SNM Assignment Template APA7.docx. Download SNM Assignment Template
to set up your essay.
Follow the SNM Program Requirements and Assignment Presentation Guide2021.pdf.
Download SNM Program Requirements and Assignment Presentation Guide 2021.pdf
further direction regarding structure & presentation.
Headings are required. These should organise your work.
The essay should be written in the 3rd person. Do not use ‘I’ or ‘we’ in your writing.
An introduction is required (approximately 100 – 150 words). Your introduction should
set up your essay.
A conclusion is required. The conclusion provides a summary of the key points made in
your essay.
A minimum of eight (8) references should support your work. Evidence of broader
reading is required for higher grades.
Use only scholarly references (i.e., journal articles and textbooks).
References should be published within the last eight (8) years.
ECU APA 7th edition referencing should be used for in-text and end text reference list.
Marks will be awarded as per the SNM marking rubric as shown in canvas

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