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  • Connerley, M. & Pedersen, P. (2005). Leadership in a Diverse and Multicultural Environment: Developing Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA. Print ISBN: 9780761988601; Digital ISBN: 9781452208770.
  • Moran, R., Abramson, N., & Moran S. (2017). Managing Cultural Differences: Global Leadership for the 21st Century (10th Ed). Elsevier. Print ISBN: 9781138223684

Week 1: Required Readings

  • Moran, Abramson, & Moran
    • Chapter 1 – Global leaders, culture, and a changing world
    • Read ahead
      • Chapter 13 – Doing business with East Asians: China, Japan, and South Korea
      • Chapter 15 – Doing business with Africans: Northern Africa, East Africa, West Central Africa, and Southern Africa
  • Connerley & Pederson
    • Chapter 1 – Making the Business Case for Increased Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills


Task to do:


Your task is to find an article relevant to this week’s topic. You are to prepare a less than 1 page memo with:

  • One paragraph overview of the article and a weblink to the article (or attach it to your memo file).
  • One or two paragraphs to connect the source with material(s) from your textbooks. Are the texts and your source in agreement? Why or why not?

Your task is to examine the content of the article and relate the topic to an area of cross-cultural management that we are currently examining in the seminar. The primary purpose of the article review is for you to make connections to the course content by personalizing the material into your work and/or personal life. Finding your own articles instead of providing you with a reading list serves to teach you how and where to find relevant and timely information on international business topics. You can expect to spend more time looking for an appropriate article than writing the article review. Sourcing quality information in today’s rapidly changing globalized world is a key skill that you should learn through the article review process.


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