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Following on from this initial stage of the assessment process you will be expected to perform an aspect of peer-review. 20% of the total mark you will be allocated for this coursework will be based upon the critical and constructive quality you show in the peer review process. Details concerning this aspect of the work will be provided after your submission has been completed.

The latest on-line submission date/time for your work is:
Monday 21st April, 2014 at 5pm. As this coursework has another stage then late submission and capping at 40% will not be available.

Coursework Outline
Undertake an investigation into a possible MSc Research Project and produce a case for support. This will include a project plan, an initial literature review and a reference list.

Your submission will comprise of FIVE sections


Introduction and Description of the Subject Area of your selected research topic (this is up to you – however would suggest that linking it to your award being studied may help with regard to background material/knowledge) – (MAXIMUM OF 1,000 CHARACTERS)

Explanation of your project plan: including research methodology selection, proposed methods of data collection (primary and secondary – fully explained), approximate time plan for the various stages based on a total expected number of hours effort (600 hours) – based on 10 weeks work – (MAXIMUM OF 3,000 CHARACTERS)

An initial fully cited literature review that will form the basis of secondary data collection – (MAXIMUM OF 5,000 CHARACTERS)

Reference Section – Suggest between 15-25 References – Remember a REFERENCE WILL BE CITED (MAXIMUM OF 3,500 CHARACTERS)

Business recruitment process

You have implemented the service delivery strategies based on the case study in Assessment Task 1.
Client feedback after six months revealed the following.
? Management are unhappy with the recruitment process, claiming it is slow and cumbersome.
? Feedback from recruitment service provider has indicated that delays in making job offers resulted in candidates obtaining positions with other companies.
? Interviews are taking up to two hours to complete.
? The performance management program is perceived as unwieldy, time consuming and not consistent with measuring individual contribution to organisational objectives.
? The service managers are concerned that they are not able to attract the best big truck mechanics due to the inflexibility of the remuneration and benefits strategy.
? Clients feel that the human resources team do not respond to their needs in a timely manner and are more ‘policy’ driven than ‘people’ driven.