Multicultural Virtual Team You work for Nike

A Multicultural Virtual Team You work for Nike, a global company. You just learned that you were assigned to a virtual team whose mission is to assess the feasibility of Nike’s making an inexpensive shoe that can be sold in Brazil. The team consists of twelve members. Three of the members work in the United States (two in Beaverton, Oregon, and one in New York City). Two work in England, two in China, two in India, and three in Brazil. All are Nike employees and all were born in the country in which they work. All speak English, though some speak it better than others.In an essay of 3 – 5 pages, please answer the following questions:In answering these questions, please apply concepts and theories from the Background Materials. For example you could use the Tuckman model of team development to compare virtual with collocated teams, cross-cultural dimensions for question 1, etc.What challenges do you anticipate the team will face because of its multicultural makeup?How could these challenges be overcome?How would you compare the process of developing a virtual work team to developing a team of people who all work together in one place?Assignment Expectations:Be sure to talk about the ways in which the background readings relate to the questions. Please be as specific as you can. And again, use 12 point font, double-spacing, and one inch margins. FormatIn order to develop good business communication skills, it is recommended you write papers using the following structure, using headlines and titles.Introduction (road map, explain issue and list main points)Main Body: Develop each point in the Introduction, applying theory to facts, in subsections (one subsection per main point).In our case, each question and its answers should be a subsection in the main body.Conclusions: Summarize main paper pointsList of references.

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