Omni San Francisco Hotel, Crowne Plaza

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses comp set analysis. Comp set analysis Introduction According to the case, Rodeway Inn SF Civic Center has numerous competitors. Key among such are Omni San Francisco Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt @ Fisherman`s Wharf, Motel 6 San Francisco, Marriott San Francisco Fisherman`s Wharf. The five hotels among many others target the same market as Rodeway Inn SF Civic Center, a feature that requires the hotel to employ appropriate marketing strategies in order to enjoy sustained profitability and longevity. Among the factors that make the five major competitors for the hotel is the fact that they offer nearly the same services, are located in the same neighborhood and therefore struggle to gain a substantial and profitable market share (Orłowska, 1998).
Rodeway Inn SF Civic Center enjoys a strategic location within the city. Furthermore, it offers a number of services that may enhance its competitiveness. However, the other five are equally competitive and may, therefore, threaten the hotels profitability and longevity. Crowne Plaza, for example, is a luxury hotel strategically located in the airport. the hotel poses a significant threat to Rodeway Inn SF Civic since it offers immense convenience to visitors. Additionally, Rodeway Inn SF Civic does not have conference facilities. The industry has shifted with most modern day hotels striving to attract visitors who come to the city for seminars and conferences. The lack of ballrooms and workshop facilities denies the hotel a major competitive advantage thereby making it vulnerable to the numerous competitors who are setting up shop in strategic locations within the city and continues to target the same target market.
Orłowska, E. (1998).&nbsp.Incomplete information: Rough set analysis . with 23 tables. Heidelberg[u.a.: Physica-Verl.

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