organization with compensation or benefits challenges

The project should be 1,200–1,800 words, excluding title and
reference page. It should include items 1–7 as listed under Course
Project Overview below.
1. Follow proper APA style/citations, grammar and punctuation, and so on. An APA tutorial
is located on the HUB for assistance.
2. Identify an organization with compensation or benefits challenges. It could be an
organization with which you are familiar personally or through the media.
3. Provide a detailed review of the compensation and/or benefit challenge (problem) at the
organization. It is recommended that you concentrate on the principal compensation
and/or benefit challenge(s) within a single organization, rather than a number of less
important issues. Be careful to avoid selecting a topic that is too broad. At the same
time, the challenge facing the organization should be broad enough to provide multiple
strategies to help resolve the problem.
4. Discuss the compensation and/or benefits strategies other organizations have utilized
related to your challenge, along with a review of their success and failure. As an
example, if you are interested in an employee assistance program and why usage is
less than expected, detail the strategies other organizations have followed to improve
participation and see a return on their investment. Information regarding other
organizations should be gathered through a research process and consist of
academic-quality materials rather than word-of-mouth information.
American Family Life Insurance Company (Aflac) is a successful company that
was founded in 1955. The business primarily focuses on life and health insurance,
specifically focusing on major medical in both the United States and Japan. The recent
commercials featuring the Aflac duck have been hugely successful in marketing this
They are a Fortune 500 company that is ranked 91 in Fortune 100 Best
companies to work for (Aflac, n.d.). Aflac has both employees that work directly for them
that average about 4500 as well as 71,000 independent licensed agents.

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